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A no fuss skin care alternative


A Balanced Drop Skin Care uses the good stuff.  Cold pressed, unrefined, plant and nut oils. Your skin delights in sweet almond, macadamia, rice bran, sunflower, avocado and coconut oils.  Goat milk lotions, bees wax salves, potent liniments, cooling mud masks may also be added to your treatment.  These ingredients sound like the start of a great salad right! Well exactly, your skin is an organ that absorbs the goodness from these products.  They oughta be good enough to eat.


Modality Massage makes unique blends for each client.  Essential oils can subtlety heighten your massage or yoga experience. These are vaporized in the room and added to your oil or cream massage base.   IF you are sensitive to these please notify in advance of your first booking.  

If your intention is to do away with the chemical, mineral, petroleum based products and replace them with natures better alternative then 'A Balanced Drop' fusion may be a great source to begin from. 


Clients are welcome to request their own signature blend or purchase one of the 'A Balanced Drop Skin Care' blends.  In the near future these products will be made available to purchase online.  If you can't wait call and inquire about creating something that little bit special just for you and your loved ones.  

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