Yoga Practice

An Ancient Science


Sahaja has trained, meditated and taught Yoga across Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Bolwarra, Maitland, India and Thailand over the last 15 years. Her sessions include a blend of Yoga Asana (dynamic and static positions), Pranayama (breathing techniques),  Meditation and Relaxation.  The layout of the class is determined by the students  energy, ability and area of focus.  This can make them unique, fun, deep and spontaneous all at once!



Move your mind and body


Balance Your Energy

Private Yoga sessions tailored to your personal needs. 

Introducing a Yoga practice into your life can offer a range of positive skills and experiences to your day to day.  It has the potential to assist you to:

  • rehabilitate physically post injury or surgery, 

  • overcome traumas, 

  • learn relaxation techniques,

  • develop stress reduction strategies, 

  • improve self esteem and respect, 

  • help to connect to your own intuitive self, 

  • increase joint mobility, muscle suppleness and fitness,

  • spread an infectious smile on your face 


Partner, small group and family sessions also available.

Yoga Stretches


A most Ancient Education

The benefits for children doing yoga are the very same for adults.

Increased body awareness, flexibility, strength, core stability, self-esteem, maturity...

Improved concentration, posture, co-ordination, attitude to life, social interaction, sleep... 

Learn stress reduction strategies, correct breathing, correct posture, inner goodness, stillness and calm....

Develop across many levels, health and physical ed, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual....

Whilst the classes are non-religious they still help children to discover the greatness within themselves.  It's the greatest knowledge to know that peace and happiness reside within themselves.


Creativity + Movement

A lovely combination of creativity and activity for kids. 


The workshops include imaginative  adventures, action central, stillness, calm and creative expression opportunities.  


A great incursion in any School and City Council Holiday Program. 

The activities are tailor made to fit your program, running between 1 to 3 hours in length. They work well with broad age group ranges, or can be age and skill specific. 

Kids in Art Class